Friday, August 15, 2008


So I went out with my girl Dollface last night, and we had such a great time... ohhhh, I love how much we laugh when we go out! It's killer. The bar's karaoke alone last night had us in stitches, it was beyond great... we kept convincing people to go up and sing hilariously mismatched songs (watching tough boyz singing Hit Me Baby One More Time and Purple Rain was soooo funny, woot!) and we had so much fun.

And today I was thinking about how lucky I am to have met this awesome chick.

It's been a long time since I have felt like a had a really close girlfriend, and Dollface is definitely it. I felt good friendship chemistry from the very first time I met her, literally. She's got a great vibe and I knew she was someone I wanted to hang out with.

And since then, I've been so grateful for having her. She really is my BFF.

She never, ever gives up on me. Even when I am having really bad problems with my depression, she is patient and she is there long after everyone else takes their toys & goes home. I've had to break plans with her so many times- because of cars problems, or pet problems, or health problems- and she never complains or even has an attitude about it. She is so understanding. She never forgets about me and she never blows me off. I like that we can talk about anything. I think I understand her, and I'm sure she understands me. She's also got a great laugh and totally brings out the comedienne in me cause I like to make her laugh! And that's always a good thing. I am such a total goofball when I hang out with her.

I've just been thinking bout how glad I am to have her in my life.
Thanks for being my besty, Doll!!

Oh... and here's a bonus shot of new hair from last night :P


Candice DeVille said...

Great great hair. I love how it frames your face now rather than weighing it down. Doll face sounds like a very groovy chick, and I'm sure a fun time was had with the karaoke (one of my fave activities).

Termite said...

Love the new haircut! And make it a regular thing to get out with Doll, time for Shady to have some fun!

karo'smine said...

I don't understand! i'm trying so hard to make mine grow long while everyone else is just cutting it off. You people with your long hair have no respect for those who try so hard to keep it from falling out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have Dollface. I love friends like that...the ones you can pick up where you left off with, no matter how long the gap has been. Totally groovity hairs, yo! ~Randi

Scumbalina said...

I read on here you like comments so I have to say...I started checking out your website Lost destinations a week or 2 ago and loved it. I tooled around for hours, completely lost in the beauty of your pics, and reading your blog. Empty houses always fascinated me. I had a 360 page but just used it for my art--then they cancelled the album. So, basically, you inspired me to start my own blog. Thank you.
If you didn't already know... You are amazingly talented, very brave and strong....I hope you keep your talent moving forward because without sites like yours the www would be alot less interesting.

get your life on track! fight back! said...

shady's a great nickname

Shady said...

SKM... thank you!!! Cutting my hair was one of the best style (& life!) decisions I have made in ages :D

Termite... thanks, I am planning on it! Maybe I'll post more photos from our adventures here ;)

Karo'smine... heh, sorry! I just got so tired of the maintenance after 14 years, not to mention how horrid it is during our 110 degree summers here in TX :( And I really needed a change!

Randi... yeah, reminds me of someone else. Named Randi. Ahem :P

Scumbalina... hi, and thank you so so much, wow :) Glad you found your way here, and I'm excited to check out your blog!

Alex... well, thanks! Most of my friends have called me Shady (or some derivative- Shadester, Shadeling, etcetc) for about 15 years now ;)