Monday, August 11, 2008

the bitch is back

Welcome home, Wicca, you baaad dog, you!

Here is the little runaway shortly after she got back home from her grand adventure. She looks pretty happy to be home, no? Note the wagging tail :P

They told us that she was wandering the streets in northeast El Paso when she was picked up by Animal Control. That's reallllllly far from where we live- she never could have just walked there on her own- so now I know without a doubt that someone took her (and shame on them for not trying to find her owners, she is microchipped so it would have been really easy to find us... freakin' dog thieves!) I am betting that she escaped from wherever she was (she's a master escape artist, we had to Wicca-proof our yard long ago) and that's how she was found on the streets. So booya to the dog stealers. She was clean and well-fed, so I'm sure somebody had her for most of the time she was gone.

I am just happy to have the little scoundrel back home :)


Manda Malice said...


I'm sooooooooooooo happy for you! Man, it had to be so heartbreaking not knowing were she was and if she was doing well.

Sebastian said...


karo'smine said...

babe dude
i would like to send you something
is there a mailing address you wouldn't mind giving me?? if you don't want to post it here, my email is
i'm not a creep
just a girl who sees a girl who could use a gift
i'm going to think long and hard about this...because i want it to be good.
i'm going to pick something from my room and i want to make you something. something old, something new, but nothing blue

Shady said...

HR... thanks, it's sooo funny because she has been acting all guilty and well-behaved since she got back... I can totally tell that she's really happy to be home, she's practically SMILING (in dog-smile) all the time now :)

Sebastian... thanks my friend :D

Karo'smine... wow, really, thank you! I will send you my mailing addy via email... that's so sweet of you and of course now I'm all intrigued now!! :D