Thursday, August 21, 2008

tonight I will wear blue

It's Thursday again, and that means... girl's night out woot!

I've been waiting for tonight all week long. I'm ready to whoop and holler. Well, maybe not holler. People may think I'm a little bit insane if I just HOLLER. I just might give a 'whoop-whoop' though.

I can tell that I am getting better because I actually want to go out. I am excited about it, even. When my depression is rearing it's butt-ugly head I have a hard time even leaving my room. I become Hermit Woman... and if there was a cave handy with connection to teh internets I would so be there. That feeling has gradually been fading the past few weeks, and I am so grateful. I'm ready to come out of this stifling shell. I have a lot to thank Dollface for, as she's always, always ready & willing to be my sidekick on these Thursday night adventures.

I'm going to wear electric blue tonight... I am craving more color in my life lately. I want to sweep the dark stuff aside and see the colorful stuff underneath. I can't remember the last time I ventured out in anything that wasn't dark or muted. Tonight feels like a good night for electric blue... bzzzzt!

Tonight I will wear blue, tonight I will drink cranberry juice + vodka and listen to karaoke. Tonight I will tell my BFF some secrets and some jokes... tonight I will laugh, and smoke a cigarette or two, and be open to the possibilities... tonight, I will let my (much-shorter!) hair down and let myself be myself.

I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

:) You cranberry and vodka suckin' oat sower, you. :) Smack it up, flip it AND rub it down! ~Randi

Anonymous said...

Do it... don't look back... have a blast and a half!!!! Cheers!!!!

Shady said...

ROTF @ smack it up flip it rub it down!!!! Gawd that ALWAYS makes me laugh. I almost choked to death on a piece of popcorn while watching the Lemony Snicket movie because of that phrase!!! Randi!! lololol

Thanks Nelle ;)

richardttu said...

Well have a great time, and be sure to post a pic or two. The shock of seeing the Shadeling in something besides black may cause me to have to do a shooter or two, LOL.

Seriously, the new trailer, the new hair and new fashion are bringing out a whole new you. Your luck has changed. Take full advantage and embrace it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shady your hair looks great i have a question have u ever gone redhead? with yiur green eyes pale complexion i think you would look awesome@@@ i have a new wmail addy hope to chat with u soon take care love marcy