Wednesday, January 28, 2009

true sounds of liberty

This past Monday I got a real old skool punk rock treat- I got to see TSOL perform live right here in El Paso.

For those of you who remember True Sounds Of Liberty & the early 80's punk rock scene, it was just as good as you'd think it would be, and hella exciting to see them live in 2009. It was a total blast from my punk rock past. For those of you who don't remember them, they are a legendary Orange County punk band from way back. Here they are playing 'Darker My Love' in the cult classic movie Suburbia:

We lucked out & got to meet singer Jack Grisham after the show, which was such an OMG moment for me. He still looks fantastic- sexy as Hell (those eyes!!)- and he was so supernice! It always rocks when your music idols turn our to be legitimately cool people. The show was amazing, and it got me so fired up. Now if only Black Flag & the Dead Kennedys would come to town doh....

The look on my face there is totally such an 'omigod Jack Grisham is touching me' fangirl look! Heh heh.

EP's punkers showed up in full force and gave the love. It was awesome. All the bands said they loved the El Paso vibe and had a blast playing for our crowd, which makes mama proud!

Viva La True Sounds Of Liberty. Viva PUNK ROCK!

Friday, January 9, 2009

2 girls, not even half the cup

So last night, these tough guys (said tough guys being my cousin Mike, his lady Amber, and our friend Buffalo) were SURE that they could handle watching the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup video w/out cringing... keep in mind, they had NO IDEA what the 2G1C vid was, all they had seen were the hilarious 2G1C reaction videos that I had been showing them (if you are unaware of what 2G1C is, well, I feel unclean even trying to explain, so here, look it up on Wikipedia)

I tried to warn them. They wouldn't listen.

So I agreed to ruin them forever by showing them the vid, on the condition that I got to tape their reactions. And so, for your viewing amusement, here it is...

As you can see, they didn't even last 15 seconds... WUSSES! And yes that is me laughing maniacally while the tough guys are retching, crying, and pouring bleach onto their soiled eyeballs hahahhahhaaa...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ad astra per aspera

Yesterday I got a new tattoo (oh I love new ink), and, here 'tis.

It's a tribute to my babydog Dearly, who passed away last week. But it's also in memory of all of the pets that I have loved & lost so far in my lifetime... Nico, Tiger, Quiche, Radar, Rasta & Piewicket... 7 in all, and a star for each one...

I will add another star for every future pet as well as time goes on. I wanted something old-skool simple and symbolic- like stars- and something that could be added to, but wasn't sure what exactly beyond that... my tattooist Francella (@ Sinister Pleasures here in EPTX) hooked me up with the idea for the stars to trail from ankle to foot, and it was a fab idea, I love the way it turned out, she did a stellar job as usual.

So in addition to being sentimental, it's also cute... good good. I really like that there is a tiny star in there too, because to me, that one is especially for Piewicket, who was just a tiny baby kitten (we had just 1 month together but I adored little Pie) when a stupid dog mauled and killed the poor thing.

I can't wait til it heals. On a side note, damn does it hurt to get tattooed on the foot.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

living dead girl

Recently I did some modeling for my good friend Bobby, who was doing a series of Dios De Los Muertos inspired work... it was really fun getting made up, dressed up, and channeling the deathly ill-fated bride for these photos...

Here's a peek at a few of them, more of the series can be seen on Bobby's site here... also you can see more of his awesome film & photography work on his website, check it out.

I had such a good time working with Bobbo (and Valerie, and Manny...)... I really hope we get to do another similar project soon... *hint hint guys*!

Last but not least.... Bobby's work was recently shown at The Percolator, it was a great show complete with bellydancers, flamenco, comedy, live music, and some amazing photography & film work by Bobby... here's a slideshow peek at the shots I took of the proceedings, it was good times...