Thursday, April 30, 2009

el paso rides

Just a lil un-subtle promo for the website I recently created, Feel free to visit. Nudge, nudge.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's been such a long time since I posed for pictures that I forgot how much fun modeling can be... *makes Zoolander Faces*... this afternoon, I had an totally impromptu photo shoot w my man... I got to play pinup on the bike and vamp it up and we had such a killer time. We'd been out on a bike run and had a few drinks in us, and we started talking about shooting photos again which led to us deciding to spur-of-the-moment ride out to the desert to shoot some pics like we've been talking about doing for forever now (well ok 2 months) So we left the bar, swung by my place, I stuffed a few dresses in the backpack, we rode out to the desert on the fringes of town and found a random remote dirt road to turn on. It was windy as Hell out there, and the wind kept whipping my hair into my face and making my right eye water like a leaky faucet, but despite the challenges, we pressed on with our spontaneous desert photo shoot (what troopers! :P)

The result was a great ride on a beautiful day and some photos (shot by him) that I really, really love.

Here are a few of them, hope you enjoy :)

(special thanks to my Red Light for taking such wonderful shots of me, he did such stellar job that I felt like a pinup babe all day long... *muah* baby!)