Friday, February 13, 2009

from Rogue to rouge

After 2+ years of having 20% more fun, I finally decided I needed a change from the blonde streaks. Behold, my new (non-Jamaican non-alcoholic) red stripe...

As much as I loved my pale Rogue streaks, 2+ years of bleaching totally puts a strain on the hair... I'd been thinking of going to a darker color for awhile now cause my hair definitely needed the break. I always knew I wanted to try red but wasn't sure which shade... I wanted something that would still be high contrast and I am happy that I found just the perfect color for what I had in mind.

Red dye is a bloody (pun intended) mess, though... my bathroom looked like a murder scene when I was done.

My hair has grown out a little too, and I am liking the length right now... I can get a little more girlygirl with it if I wanna. I can't wait to try putting up those 2 little front pinup twists in my hair now that it's red- it's gonna look like little devil horns mwahahaha >:D

Funny that I have come full circle with the red; the first time I bleached out my streaks originally, I got a very um, interesting reddish hue, unintended and unwanted...

It took many months and many bleaching/toning sessions to get the red out (sorry visine) to the point where it finally looked blonde...

A few more months got it to a pale-white blonde at last, I loved it but it was a lot of upkeep to keep it that way, James Marsters I feel your Buffy-era pain.

So last year when I needed a big change, I chopped my hair off for the first time in over 10 years... 10 years!! Whatup, shorty?

And I am loving the shorter do, especially when I think about how I have cut my shower time down by like half a freaking hour (waist-length hair is a damned pain to wash-rinse-repeat) It was just time for another change. And the red was it. What do you think, dahlinks?

*heads off to jam out to Moulin Rouge soundtrack*

Monday, February 2, 2009


So I got myself into another foster situation (this year so far I have fostered & found homes for 2 stray cats and one wayward turtle)... this time it was 2 little dogs- a snow white poodle & a jet black terrier- whom my uncle found wandering near an intersection together, lost, dirty & hungry. The poodle was obviously boss lady, with the little terrier shadowing her every move, which was cartoonishly cute. Both dogs had (dirty grimy) sweaters on, but had no collars, tags, or microchips to identify them, so we ran ads in the paper and alerted all the vet clinics in the area. No one claimed them.

The poodle was eventually adopted by a friend of my aunt's and is reportedly doing great in her new home, with new friends both canine & human. The little terrier is still here with me, however, and I have a sneaking feeling that I'm being slowly but surely seduced by the pint sized thing.

Because of her feisty personality I began calling her The Minx, and it sorta stuck. And this is The Minx (chillin' here w my chihuahua Mia):

Check out those ears! The vet said that Minx is about 10 months old and is most likely full grown, which is funny because this dog is practically pocket-sized. I've always thought my chihuahua Mia was tiny, but this pooch makes her look like a big dawg. They are close in age- both still in puppy mode- so they've been tearing shit up like trashed rock stars in a fancy hotel together. Ah, puppies.

My sis-in-law thinks they look like peanut butter & chocolate- so I guess that together, they combine to make an adorable canine version of a Reese's PB Cup..?

So what to do with this insanely-cute, Muppetlike little creature? I think she wants to stay- she sure seems to have become at home here, she's even made friends with the cat.

And every time I think about finding her a home, she gives me those heartbreaking puppy eyes (see image above, doh)... it's like she knooooooows and she is saying 'pleaseplease let me stay, lady'!

We shall see, puppy, we shall see...