Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doll Parts

It's been a loooong time since I have posted here. I know, I know! But I am going to try to get back to it. Since my favorite time-wasting video game has been down for days, I started playing around with Polyvore, one of my old favorite online hobbies.... well, it was a favorite until a boy told me that it was a dumb & pointless activity and I then felt dumb/embarrassed for playing with it... but upon revisiting it, it's totally not dumb and, is fun, artistic, and creatively challenging! Lesson learned: never listen to boys!

So here, I present a set inspired by Hole's fantastic Doll Parts... part babydoll and lace, part sweet and part twisted, and with a bit of 'cake' thrown in for good measure...

Doll Parts

TopShop going out dress
Low heels, $245
Juicy couture handbag, $390
Jessica Kagan Cushman bangle bracelet, $113
Margaux Lange heart necklace, £145
Carmina Campus star earrings, €130
Margaux Lange long chain necklace, £155
Halston Heritage wide belt, $107
Semi Matte Lipstick - NARS, $24
Hottopic - Search Results for nail polish, $3.99
Barbie™ ♥ Jonathan Adler Malibu Candle | Barbie Collector, $5

Are you on Polvore? Feel free to hit me up I love to see what others are doing with it! <3