Monday, August 25, 2008

my cat = alarm clock kitteh!

Oh my lordy my cat is famous!

Today while randomly surfing I found a picture of MY cat, look here!
I heart lolcats, and that is the best site for them on teh interwebs, so I am actually pretty flattered... and of course I have to give props to my model-slash-crazy-cat Bela...

This is my original image:

Here is one more from the flying cat series:

Yep Bela is a little insane.
And no.... no kittehs were harmed in the making of this photo! Bela is a ninjacat and will climb onto & jump off of anything and everything he can. And these shots involved the use of a laser pointer, a tripod, a LOT of patience, the assistance of my best friend, and maybe a little catnip. Heh heh. It took about 50 tries to actually get anything other than a blurred gray streak, and these were the only two shots that actually came out ok... but so worth it lol.

Anyway, more of my Bela pics here if you are interested.

1 comment:

Eli said...

I love! Just last night Darshan said, "Are you on that cat website again?"

Your kitteh is famous! And that's pretty awesome.