Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Boarded-up room at abandoned Regency Motel, Howell NJ

One of the many eerie houses (now demolished) of Demon's Alley, West Milford NJ

Inside of vacant (now demolished) 'Sapphire Woods', Jackson NJ

2nd floor locker room of abandoned Lambertville High School, Lambertville NJ

Outside of Lambertville High School, Lambertville NJ

Weird sign (w no fire escape, etc in sight) in downtown Nashville TN

Looking down at the 100 ft+ drop from atop the abandoned Paulinskill Viaduct, Knowlton NJ

Odd message on metal thingy alongside spooky Whipporwill Valley Road, Middletown NJ

Old sign found along the snowy back roads, Idaho Falls ID

Abandoned in Pleasureland, Oakland NJ

All photos copyright Heather Shade


redlight915 said...

creepy and cool

Pandorah's Box said...

I have to say Shady, I have been a fan of Lost Destinations for a looong time now. When I first encountered your site, I had never seen anything like it and it made me so happy because I loved doing the same thing: exploring and visiting lost and abandoned places. I went through the ENTIRE site, missing nothing, and fell in love with your images and your stories. So creepy and perfect.
Seeing these pictures again brought me back to when I devoured Lost Destinations and how happy it made me, so thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are like some last known photographs for some demolished buildings! Can't wait for some better weather to get back to exploring.

LD fan

Chris Brown said...

Sapphire Woods still gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

I think it gives everyone the creeps.

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