Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lesbian-wedding guest

So, I am excited to post my very first outfit-by-request here in the style section of my blog, yay.

This one is for my lovely friend Julia. Julia asked me to style an outfit for a her to wear to a lesbian wedding! And here is what I came up with...

(click the pic for details & ordering info on each piece)

Julia is a beautiful young girl who looks great in casual jeans & tees. So when I thought of dressing her up for a fancy event, I gravitated toward pants as opposed to a froofy dress because it fits Julia's style, and she could totally get away with it. Especially at a more unconventional type wedding like this one. I thought the skinny pants with the adorable tuxedo-influenced top were elegant and still whimsical, and a nice play on androgyny. And the sexy, fitted tuxedo jacket gives some coverage as well as sex appeal and class, and also adds to the feminine tuxedo look.

The accessories were really fun to choose because Julia is such a fun girl. For example the bowtie clutch is a modern nod to the age-old tux accessory, and the double girl-symbol necklaces make a sweet statement to the day's happy couple. The melting heart earrings speak of love in an edgier way.

I threw in blue as an accent color both to punch it up and because Julia looks GREAT in blue, and if I'm not mistaken, she loves the color. The ultra-sexy blue high heels and the pretty blue bloom (for pinning in the hair, or onto the lapel) add a very girly touch without being too sweet. The fierce hair & makeup also have fun with the androgynous vibe... a little bit glam, a little bit rock 'n roll. The rest of the goodies- bright blue camera (for capturing the special moments of the day), black-tie-style gift wrap, champagne-colored nail polish, sentimental heart-shaped pin, chunky blue bracelet- were all chosen with the same vibe in mind: fun, unique, and very pretty in a modern & elegant way, because that's how I see my friend Julia.

And there you have it, my very first outfit-by-request. I hope you liked it, Julia, and thanks for playing, girl! I am still taking requests, so girls (or guys if you're brave!), send 'em in and tell me what you wanna be dressed for, you may see your outfit here next.

And don't forget to visit me at polyvore for more outfits styled by moi, if you're into that kinda thing.


Anonymous said...

....Dollface must be really cool. Do you have any lame, hokey and terribly unstylish friends? Oh...hey wait..that's me. :P

Looks like you have yet another talent, Shades. If you can cook, I'ma have to kick your're makin' me look bad.

:) Happy Fourth. Lerve, ~Randi

Anonymous said...

Um...I only just realized that I posted this in the wrong damn place. I was NOT EVEN STONED when I did this. Sheesh. ~Randi

Anonymous said...

Mmmhh.. that blue is so open, so pure, so so overwhelmingly CONFRONTATION. I absolutely love that color blue.
[Gee- does color fetishism exist, I wonder?]

Shady said...

Randi, hee hee hee! You made me laugh again. As usual ;) I am tempted to make you a radio outfit, but I'm afraid I would put together something naughty because I know that no one can SEE it bwahahahaha *evil grin*

Netherest... I love the color too, blue is my favorite. And personally, I think yes- color fetishism DOES exist, it definitely has an effect on our moods... in fact I read an article not too long ago about people who will only wear ONE color, like this girl who dresses exclusively in blue, every single piece, every single day. Very strange & interesting.