Friday, July 4, 2008

lady assassin

Next outfit is up (boy I am cranking 'em out here)
This one is for my dear friend Tara.

Tara's request was: sexy assassin (I knew she'd come up with something crazy and fun!) So here is my deadly sweet look for Tara...

(click the pic for details & ordering info on all pieces)

I went over the top with this look because I'm playing here, but I would, in real life, probably wear every single one of these pieces in some way or other (if not all together at once in a full-on she-assassin outfit, since I don't wear those every day) Tara is a wild child and game for anything, so right away I thought of a luscious lacy corset. Black & blue would look fantastic on pale, blue-eyed Tara, but I also went with it because I thought black 'n blue on a butt-kicking lady assassin was kinda funny and I'm a smart ass like that.

The crisp white shirt is added cause she's a professional. Of course with the corset on top it's really dramatic but she could always go demure and wear the corset under the shirt letting just a bit peek out. The satin formal shorts are very very sexy and get even sexier when paired with glossy blue boots. And the bright blue silk trench screams killer glam. Oh I'm killing myself with the puns here.

I made sure to give her some dangerous accessory choices like the poison ring, lipstick knife, death's head brooch, and simple, sexy hair and makeup in shadowy shades of violet. You don't wanna be worrying about complicated hairdos when you're running around doing assassin stuff.

And that's it for this outfit- the rest is classified, if I told ya, I'd have to hire Tara to... well, you know. Any other outfit requests, send them my way.


Anonymous said...

I knew I could rely on you to make me look super duper sexy while I'm out doing my "job". Bwahahaha

Love it!

Shady said...

I'm glad you liked it, babydoll :)
I know it's dramatic, but I tried to pick pieces that you could & would wear mixed with other things (when you're not in assassin mode! *wink*)