Friday, July 25, 2008

mobile homeless

Major frustration on the mobile home front right now. I have been learning a few things.... #1: decent pre-owned mobile homes are a bitch to find. And #2: a large percentage of people that own mobile homes are completely insane in the membrane.


Here's an example. We met an agent who had a mobile home for sale in our price range. He took us to see it, and the innocent-looking little old lady that lives in it was walking us around, showing the place off, pointing out all the benefits, and basically trying to sell us on it. It wasn't in the nicest condition, but after some consideration (my Pops can fix lots of stuff- he's superhandy- so that's not a total deal-breaker), we decided we wanted to take it. We left the deposit in check form. Few days later, she asked for the full amount in cash. And we brought it over to her... only to find that now the lady is refusing to sign the papers. So we go home confused. A few days later the agent calls her, to see where her mind is at about the deal... and she puts the park manager on the phone, who starts yelling at the agent asking him why he's trying to 'force this lady out of her home' and to 'take her trailer away'..!? So now the agent is also confused. We told him forget it, and got our check back. Later we checked out another home for sale in that same park, and the lady that lived there told us that this saga of the crazy lady selling/not selling her trailer has been going on for a long time. Apparently we're not the first people she's done that to, it's some kind of ongoing thing. So.... *cuckoo!*

That's not the only weird one either. We've explored buying 3-4 others so far that have had some seriously strange owners who did and/or said some seriously strange shit. Practical & serious prospects are difficult to find. Just like with men eh.

Needless to say, I am still mobile homeless.

I'm kind of about to explode from impatience. Especially now because we have already secured the lot where we are going to put the trailer (when we find a trailer, ahem) So now I can drive by and see this nice, big (cause it is really BIG for a mobile home lot, bonus)- yet empty- lot. My smartass Grandmother suggested I pitch a tent there. Ha ha.

So this is my lot:

It's pretty big, and even though it's basically at this time just a bare dirt lot- I LIKE that about it. It's a totally blank canvas. I can lay down some sod, some pavers, some rocks, a bbq grill... do some gardening, add some flora. And my dogs are gonna love that yard. My chihuahua will feel like she is exploring a whole new continent, she'll be prancing around like a little conquistadora. It's out in the desert... so the sunrises, the sunsets, and the stars are gonna look spectacular out there too.

Oh and does anybody know where I can purchase some pink flamingos?? I seriously want some. Wouldn't they be perfect in my yard?

Also, that Shady Oaks graphic, at the top? That's a poster I found at, and I am totally planning on buying that sucker, framing it, and hanging it up proudly in my BOO (that's Base Of Operations in Shadyspeak) Won't it look freaking CUTE?

P.S. I know I've been slacking on the blogging. The lack of comments & feedback here tend to discourage me, cause I tend to equate no comments with= no readers, so then I start to blow the blog off. I shouldn't, I know. It's just hard for me to get motivated. I know people usually say 'write for yourself' and well, I do... just not in blog form! (I have a lot of private writings) I was just really eager for it to be more interactive here by now... *blows raspberry* Ahh well I've also been a bit down in the dumps lately anyway, and sometimes I don't feel like writing (or talking, or transmitting Morse code haha) too publicly when I'm really down because I even turn myself off with the negativity. Usually I immerse myself in Introvertland... drawing something or reading something or writing something (privately), but it might be beneficial to write here more often. Who knows.

I've had a stream of bad luck these past few months that just knocked me to my proverbial ass, so I've been laying low and licking my wounds.
But I'll get it back together soon. I'm sure of it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the search!
If I knew where to get some pink flamingos I'd tell you. I've been looking for some for three years.

Shady said...

Newt! I found some!!!
After reading your comment, I finally did some internet digging, and found: woot!

Not only do they have the classic pink guys, they also have the most punk rawk SKELETON flamingos!! Oh I wanna order some :D

Anonymous said...

You should sooooooooo get these for the yard:

Anonymous said...

Those skeleton ones are awesome! My husband is gonna think I'm crazy (and probably the neighbors as well).

Anonymous said...

(I just couldn't help myself)

Maybe you can a trailer for sale on here:


Anonymous said...

Your "no comments" comment...oooooh I feel it like a steak knife in my tiny, lame, not-regularly-reading-lately heart. Because of course, you mean me. Because of course, the world, she revolves around me, you see. ...nah. It's just that, of all the people I know and don't know, you're the one I want to be a help to...and here I can't even get my sorry ass over regularly to support you. SO!!! I HEARBY RENOUNCE MY CRAPPY HABITS!!! REBUKED!!! *eyes rolling, bit of a seize, wild hand gestures* O.K. It is done. Leaf officially turned over. Clean slate now. I am ready to do you right. Ima be *such* a commentor, you're gonna wish my fingers would rot off. But then I'll just type with my face. Badly. Gee, notice how I prattle on without the fluid skill YOU possess? I know. And all up in your comments, too. :) I love you man. ~Randi (p.s. I'm not even stoned. Yet.)

Shady said...

His Ruin... hahhahahhha. Hhahahaha! HAHAHA! Oh, Lordy me!

Randi... awwwww, I warn't tryin' ta make ya feel bad missy!! *chews on hay* I was more excusing my lazy-assed non-updating-ness due to lack of motivation. See I'm the type of person who would prolly fall asleep at work if I had some job where no one watched me all day. I need motivation :P

Candice DeVille said...

Oh man. While I can't help you with the trailer problem, maybe I can help on the comments/readership side. I don't know if you have a stat counter on the site, but you'd be surprised just how many people read as opposed to comment. I get about 1000 readers a day but only average about 20 comments. So maybe put a sneaky counter on and you'll know just how many people keep on coming back for more.

Shady said...

Ooh, good idea SWK, I hadn't even thought of it! I do admit, when I think nobody's looking I might tend to slack off and give more attention to wherever the action is, heheh. So a counter would be a good motivator for me maybe!