Monday, July 7, 2008

the bone collector

Today I present you with a random little outfit of deep green & black accented with bone. I wanted to show my goth-ier side- which is obviously present in my love of horror movies and all things scary- without being typically 'goth' about it. And I wanted to show that alluring darkness could be about much more than black on black on black...

(click the pic for details & ordering info on all pieces)

And this is what I came up with. The skull was actually the piece that inspired it all, I liked the way the forest green accented the bone. So I just went from there.

The dress is awesomely romantic with it's feminine cut, Juliet-style sleeves and rich green color, but the corset and the fishnets save it from total over-sweetness. And the color-blocked shoes are just too freaking cute, I love them.

Accessories in real bone (and in the color, Bone) add a bit of unexpected pop to the dark ensemble, and a little bit of sinister chic. Vivid green eyeliner and coils of messy braids (with a bow or two thrown in) give a unique finish to the look.

I would wear this to, say, a fancy museum opening, I think it would look wonderful strolling amongst the giant dinosaur bones *wink*


Termite said...

I like the shade of green, like an emerald.

Shady said...

Termite... I love that shade of green too, I am wearing a lot of green these days for some reason. Maybe it's a summer thing.