Thursday, July 3, 2008

1920's goth

My second outfit by request, this one is for my devilishly stylish BFF whom I refer to here as Dollface *wink* She has a fascination with the 1920's, and dreamt of getting dressed up as a 20's party girl. With that in mind, here is the outfit I created for the lovely Dollface...

(click the pic for details & ordering info on all pieces)

Since I know that she loves fantasy & costumery as much as I do, I let my imagination roam a little bit on this one and pictured Doll as a 1920's-era Goth babe, taking the typical flapper getup to a darker, sexier level. I wanted this outfit to be edgy, glamorous, mysterious, and striking, just like Dollface herself.

I used black on black on black in textured & patterned layers that dangle and shiver with every move, and them dropped some bloodred accents here and there for a bit of dark drama. I know that she is into vintage, so the pieces themselves- fringy minidress, elbow-length gloves, strappy satin heels- are still traditional 20's, just with a sexy sinister twist.

But it's not all darkness & gloom- Doll is a real sweetie and so I added a sweet theme of heart shapes in the gorgeous heart-patterned tights (because I know she likes interesting, textured & patterned tights!), in the glittering silver & black-heart earrings, and in the red ruffled-hearts evening bag.

I know from our ladies nights out that Dollface enjoys smoking a cigarette or two while she's enjoying a drink (cran + vodka, baby!), so an elegant cigarette case (holding clove cigarettes, no doubt) and an achingly chic cigarette holder would make luscious accessories for her 20's party girl look. Sweetly curled ringlets & baby doll lashes offset the dramatic eye makeup (a deep smoky black with hints of sultry red) And in place of the usual kind of boa I gave her a deadlier one because, well, she rocks like that. Also, it matches that killer snake cuff bracelet perfectly, hisss.

So that's my 1920's party style for my girl Dollface, I hope she likes it. Any other requests, I am standing by, so, andale chicas!


Anonymous said...

Hello my darling! Hello my baby! OOOH...I LOVE it Shady. I wish I had every piece. I've always wanted a 1920s cig filter. You're awesome girl! Thanks. Now let's go party and have some yummy cran+vodka drinks.
XOXO *^_^*

Termite said...

I love reading your blog! I've been a fan of Lost Destinations for a while and love reading the style posts here!

Chris Brown said...

Hey again! Despite being a dude, I do like that outfit, if only because of the snake. Cool stuff.

Shady said...

Hey Doll! ♥ I am so so glad you liked your 20's outfit. I am so inspired to help you with the fashion endeavor!

Hi Termite... thanks, I am glad to hear that :)

Chris... heheh, well thanks, dood!