Thursday, July 10, 2008

adirondack-explorer babe

Today's outfit by request is for my very dear friend, Debra.

Deb lives in upstate New York in one of the most lush, beautiful natural settings imaginable, and she loves nature. So she asked me to design her an outfit for 'Adirondack-exploring' that would still be cute & sexy.

Here is what I came up with...

(click the pic for details & ordering info on all pieces)

I know that Deb loves kayaking, and taking long walks, and basically just soaking in all the peaceful and lovely nature that surrounds her. So my main concern was something comfortable. Shorts, moccasins, and a comfy cotton blouse fit the bill. But I tried to bring the SEXY in by choosing pieces with feminine detailing (like the tiny ruffles on the blouse), and by bringing unexpected colors (blue moccasins!) and unexpected accessories (bling!) to the great outdoors. The gray shorts & socks provide a nice neutral base for all the bright pops of color.

The great thing about this look is that it can be adapted endlessly... the shorts could be worn bare-legged or with thigh-high socks for a flirtier look, or you could go with some tights instead for more coverage. You could even replace the shorts with a cute pair of gray jeans with the moccasins worn over them. The top could be worn alone, or unbuttoned over a lacy cami for more even ooomph. It could transition from daytime to evening by replacing the shorts with a cute flouncy skirt and a pair of heels if you wanted, even.

The accessories bring on the fun nature feel, I just had to give her a little Adirondack bling. The gold and copper tones look more 'woodsy' than silver, and paired with wooden pieces they give a nod to the beauty of nature that Debra loves so much. Also the wooden and metal pieces like the bracelets and earrings would be durable enough to survive the outdoors. I realize that she probably isn't gonna wear the owl and squirrel cocktail rings while out kayaking, but, the vibe is perfect, and who knows maybe she could carry these with her in the lovely butterfly-stamped leather satchel, and change into them for a romantic campfire-lit dinner after she's done kayaking...? *wink*

I finished the look with some dashes of feminine flourish like the burgundy wrap belt and flower for the hair- which would add a touch of unexpected nature-girl sexiness while echoing the color of a wild forest berry. Softly tousled hair, natural makeup with a stain of deeper lip color, again pulling in the berry color. And there you have it- my interpretation of sexy Adirondack Explorer Girl!

I really hope you like it, Deb. Cindi's sassy New Orleans night out is coming up next.

And I am still taking outfit requests, so if you have one, send it my way!


karo'smine said...

hi i like your blog

check mine out


Gidget said...

You f**kin' RAWK!! I absolutely love it! It's perfect! I want it all!

Thank you so much, you awesometacular chica. You never cease to totally blow me away!


Chris Brown said...

I'm digging how often you update this blog. You have a far more interesting life than me, I must say. The outfit-related posts are actually kinda interesting to me, as long as there's something macabre in it.

Candice DeVille said...

Your outfit picks are just getting better and better. I'm passing you a Tree of Happiness, check out the blog for details.

Shady said...

Thanks all. Sorry I've been MIA. Stuff, you know.

Anonymous said...

not good for Adirondacks, hardly ever weather for shorts unless you're in town, the shoes will leak water wherever you go, but keep on blogging