Sunday, June 29, 2008

put another dime in the jukebox baby

Last night I got to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts at the El Paso Street Festival, yay!
Joan Jett was one of my earliest icons & inspirations, and I have pretty much worshipped her since I was a kid. I had seen her before- both in concert, and in the role of Columbia in the Rocky Horror Show on Broadway- but I'd jump at any chance to see her, anytime.

She pumped up the crowd with the same intensity as the brilliant fireworks show that lit up the sky just before she took the stage. She rocked it. The crowd loved her. But then, they always do- she's such a kickass, intense artist. The band did walk offstage for a moment when the crowd got too wild and someone threw a full beer can at the stage, but once they settled it down she came back out and handled it like a lady- a lady in black leather that can kick your motherf**king ass. I loved her look- she was totally rockin' the jet(t)-black shag & full-on leather style she made iconic in the 80's, and damn, does this woman ever age?? She looked HOT.

Since I didn't have my better camera with me, and I am a shorty shorty, it was pretty difficult to get any really decent pics or videos. I did my best, standing on my tippytoes w my camera extended high above my head, getting jostled around by the frisky (and partially inebriated) crowd... anyway, the quality may not be the greatest, but at least it captured the vibe of the show. Which was: ROCKIN'! Viva La Jett!

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