Friday, June 20, 2008

fashion passion

Ok boys, the following post will be of no interest to you, sorry! Ha ha. Girls: listen up.

Even though I spend my time in many dark & shadowy places, I am still a girl, and I do love fashion! In fact I am addicted to reading street fashion blogs, and other people's style blogs- I love seeing how other stylin' chicks out there put their stuff together. So naturally, I want to post about my takes on fashion here in my blog... eventually I'll be posting pics of my own outfits to show you guys a sense of my style (once I have a real mirror to photograph myself in!)... and also, I'll be posting outfits from, a fantastic site that I just joined that lets you create & save outfit sets from pieces available online. If you are on (or join) Polyvore, hit me up!

So- to kick it off, here is the very first outfit set that I've made on Polyvore... I like the idea of coming up with outfits for various events/situations, and I tried to be creative (as opposed to making a 'brunch' or 'office' or 'first date' look)... so here, I present you, my outfit for a day of urban exploration! Ta da:

(click the pic for details and info on this set)

First, I started off with a tank and shorts because you wanna be comfy if you're gonna be involved in a day of urbex. Practical boots too- you may be encountering tall weeds, murky puddles, and other various calf/ankle dangers. I loved the unexpected green color of these. I paired them with thick tights because it was cute and still comfortable- tights are so damned versatile- but you could also do jeans with the boots a good pair of Converse, if you're not up for shorts.

Sometimes urbex leads you into some damp, chilly, even underground places, or you may need to protect your arms & torso from brambles or other pokey things, hence the jean jacket, though a nice hoodie would work too, and of course, I can never resist peppering my jackets with a variety of graphic pins aka mah flash, bitches. A scarf or bandanna is good for extra protection- you can always use it as a face mask when things get dusty! But they also work great for securing the hair, and for adding some contrasting pattern and or color into the mix. Or you could do a cute hat or beanie- loose hair is a no-no when you're creeping & crawling!

When it comes to jewelry- apply the rule of K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple, Stupid. You want chunkier pieces as opposed to something delicate. And practicality is, in this situation, fashionable- a good, big fat nerd watch can help you keep track of all kinds of info besides the time nowadays and still look adorable to boot. I am a well-known fan of piling on multiple necklaces, and I love to mix and match them into interesting combinations. In this case- the mystery keys and cartoon ghostie are a playful nod to the nature of urban exploration, which lies in exploring lost & hidden places that very, very often have ghostly or urban legends associated with them. Last but not least, don't ever forget your camera and your cell phone. Seriously, I don't even have to explain this one!

So that's it for my first outfit, and that was way too much fun. Now, I'm taking suggestions... got any ideas for events or situations I could design an outfit for next?
Send them my way and maybe you'll see it posted here... *eyebrow wiggle*


Anonymous said...

Wow, kinda seeing you in a whole new light now. I never imagined you as a girly fasionista type.

My theory on fashion is that as long as every item of clothing you own is amazingly beautiful it doesn't matter how you combine them, you could get dressed in the dark grabing things at random and still look fabulous. It works for Helena Bonham Carter!

I like her take on accessories too; "What's the point of having nice things if you don't wear them?... All at once!".

Anyhoo, 'tis nice to see you blogging again. Love, Bob.

(Ps, what's unexpected about the boots being green? Surely almost all wellies are green, although I am coverting some pink stripey ones at the moment).

Shady said...

Ohhhhhhh yes B-Bob, I am a total fashion addict believe it or not. And Helena Bonham Carter happens to be a style icon of mine, fucking adore her!! I am with you on the accessories too, I pile 'em on in weird combinations, I am well-known for wearing not my favorite necklace, but my favorite 5-6 necklaces PLURAL when I go out hahaha. One thing I love in fashion is a sense of humor. You should check out some of the outfits I've made on polyvore to see what I mean :P

And wellies, hahah I was like what the Hell are wellies???? Around these parts they're just..... boots. Or maybe galoshes although mostly only people over 60 call 'em that :P And they're usually boring black.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew Wellies were a Uk specific thing, must be 'cause of the spectacular amount of mud we get here.

Anyways, ooohhh I adore Helena too! I'm stalking her almost as much as I stalk you! :D

And having now seen your polyvore thingy I must conceed that you do indeed have excellent taste. The first thing I saw was the 'little miss naughty' outfit, I have that exact top! And I do wear it with a similar skirt and purple tights though. Woohoo for great minds thinking alike.