Monday, June 30, 2008

girl-lock holmes

Another style post, girls! (Sorry guys- should I start marking these NSM aka Not Safe for Males? heh) As usual this outfit was created at

I call this one Girl-lock Holmes:

(click the pic for details on all the pieces above)

This is one example of how I usually find style inspiration in very odd places. I mean, Sherlock was not exactly known for being a fashion plate. But I love the idea of dropping Holmes-inspired pieces with the sexiest of red dresses... I dig the unexpected juxtaposition of sexpot and superslueth that red satin and houndstooth brings on. I must admit I've been inspired by the intellectual babe/secret agent look of 99 in the new Get Smart flick (smart girls are HOT), but I wanted to go a little more old school with it. And this is what I came up with.

The lesson: leave the head-to-toe mall outfits to the trendy and draw inspiration from whatever moves you, no matter how non-'fashion' it may be- it can be anything, really... a song, a fictional character, a book, anything- find a way to integrate some part of your favorite things into your look and you will always represent yourself with personal style.

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