Wednesday, August 13, 2008

taking a shortcut

(first off an apology for the craptacular quality of the following photos, they were shot in the only mirror I have: a tiny, ancient, stained, warped mirror hanging in a very dimly-lit bathroom)

So... I did it. I cut my hair!
And I love it.

It's a bit messy here because I shot this after I got had gotten soaked in rain, and then fallen asleep on my bed for 2 hours (well the bed was just so cozy after the rain, and the chihuahua was just so cuddly... heh) And even messy, I still like how it looks (though I shoulda taken a photo of it right after the blowout when it was all perfect and purty, duh) I can't wait to play around with it.

My stylist braided it first so I could save the hair, and it felt crazy when she cut the long, heavy braid off... like my head was going to float away, light as a balloon... 14 years of hair detached from me... it was exciting and freeing. It was funny because the whole salon- even the customers- watched, and let out a collective "ooooh" when she cut it free!

Here is the foot-long+ braid I got to keep as a souvenir...

This is my happy face- happy to no longer have a few extra feet of heavy hair to haul around! And no longer do I have to stand up while getting haircuts. Heh.

My fabulous stylist is Susan at Hair Biz btw, she's incredible. One thing I love is how she cut the layers just so, so that it's a little bit edgy- I could go totally 80's new wave Teri-Nunn-ish with it- but she also made sure I could go softer with waves and my 50's pinup-inspired styles too. We talked a bit about what I wanted beforehand, and I told her my look veers between rockabilly-80's-punk... and I think she gave me exactly what I wanted. I just love it.

I'm supposed to go out for a girl's night with my girly Dollface on Thursday and I'll see if she will get a few (better!) shots of my new hair because I know these kinda suck... *wink*

Thank to those of you who encouraged my scaredy-cat ass to go ahead and cut it already. I was totally confident when I did it so it was a great experience... and I love my hair now. I feel really rejuvenated.

Lesson learned: screw fear, take a risk now & then :)


Anonymous said...

You did it! And it looks great! Can't wait to see the styles you come up with. You can totally go Devil Doll now. ;) Take a risk, you said. Hmmm....risks...what IS that again? I'll be 40 in less than a week; my hair hasn't changed for about 10 years. I'm not sure I'm ready. Maybe I'll just put my risk into kyping a bag of Cheetos at the Circle K. ~Randi

Anonymous said...

Shady, It looks great, but of course you could make bald work...:) But seriously, my grand daughter just had hers cut. First time in ten years and donated it, of course I flipped out, as I did when my daughtrer cut hers for the first time..:)
But you look great, and the pics are just fine, cause you look happy.. Yea!!!

Unknown said...

It looks great! I love how light and airy my hair feels after I cut it all off.

Anonymous said...

OMG it looks awesome!!!! I can kinda get how it felt to have it chopped off... when I lost my hair last year to chemo, it was the weirdest feeling. Very nice, I like it lots :).

richardttu said...

Well, I am glad your hair did not thwart your attempt to shorten it. I understand what a big step it must be for you. I have had my beard for 18 years, and the thought of shaving it scares me ( the more of this face I hide, the better it is for all of us).


Eli said...

It's fabulous, it looks so thick and healthy!

Shady said...

Randi... thanks babe!! Weird how chopping of 14 years worth of hair oddly felt like chopping off 14 years of baggage :D Grab me a Twinkie while you're at it yeah?

Chick... thank you! I am still loving it, I'm so glad I did it. It really has made me happy! :D

Misty... thanks girl, it really does feel lighter and healthier, I love it.

Nelle... thank you so much m'dear... it feels so weird but so awesome too... I'm so glad I didn't chicken out!

Richard... silly! :P Yeah I thought the hair would revolt & fight back but thankfully no... *wink*

Eli... thank you sooooo much hon, your hair looks amazing in that pic ohhhh I adore that color!!! <3

Candice DeVille said...

FAB U LOUS! You are right, I can see how the hair cut would have felt like leaving the past behind and entering a lighter, brighter era. The world of possibilities awaits, and I can't wait to see what wonderful styles you are able to achieve now. Get yourself onto You Tube and check out some hair tutorials - there are some great ones there.