Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my day in pictures

I finally made it to Sinister Pleasures so my girl Francella could finish my coverup tattoo, we did the final 3 hours on it and without any air-conditioning the entire time (it was broken) cause we're hardcore bitches like that. Heh.

The before and after... and Francella did this coverup FREEHAND. She is incredible!!! My goal is to eventually have a devil-girl on the other side that resembles my little sister (as the zombie pinup girl is meant to resemble me!)

After the tat sesh I went to Francella's to hang awhile and I held a snake! I. Held. A. Snake. Might not sound weird unless you know how scared I was of doing that (I adore snakes, but got bitten once and have been a bit nervous to hold one ever since) This was the coolest, most laid-back snake I have ever seen. Thanks, snake!

Then I drove home in a pouring monsoon of rain. Everything looked so beautiful, the sky was so bright, and even the dirty asphalt was sparkling like jewels. I heart rain.

The End.


Candice DeVille said...

That is an exceptional cover up. She must really know her stuff! Can't wait to see the designs for your next one. And well done on the snake front. I have a bit of a soft spot for them and wanted to keep one, but given that there are some highly venomous ones that live around my property, I thought that it might be difficult to teach my girls the difference between safe and dangerous snakes at their age.

Anonymous said...

The girl gots talent, dammit. Lookit how she turned that one big ole titty into two! It's crazy! The colors jump out and the whole thing looks freakin awesome. FYI, *freakin* awesome is WAY better than just *plain* awesome. :D So she has mad talents, she's raven haired and mysterious, wildly talented, plus she has both a snake, and a bust of medusa. K, I am the uncooliest mofo. (blonde, milkmaidy, and I have a cocker spaniel and a ...wait! WAIT!! I HAVE A GARGOYLE! There's hope!!!! lol ~Randi

Crimzen Creative said...

Wow! I found my way here from kawaii mama's blog - love the tattoo and all of your artwork. Couldn't go without saying hello!

Dollie56 said...

Love the tattoo

Love your work and choice in music hun.


Candice DeVille said...

Hope you are just moving at the moment and all is okay. :)