Thursday, November 5, 2009


A quick post to introduce my new blog feature- storytelling.

Since I was a kid, I have loved tales of the strange, mysterious, unexplained, and just plain weird. And part of the pleasure of these stories for me has always been in sharing them with my friends and family... in spinning the tale and watching their reactions. An avid reader of anything and everything since I learned to read, my fascination has always lay with the unexplained, and I collect strange stories the way some collect stamps or old coins. Even as a kid I was the go-to girl when we went camping and some good, spooky campfire stories were needed, and anyone that knows me in real life can tell you, I always have some new, bizarre yarn to unravel. My family always teased me, saying that in medieval times I totally would have been a storytelling bard, travelling the lands sharing my tales of the fantastic with the masses, heheh.

I had the idea that my blog would be a decent place to start sharing some of these stories with you all, since I know many of you have the same interest in the unusual that I do. So with the next post, I will launch a new feature to this blog- storytelling, which I will add to on a regular basis. There will be a new storytelling tag for all these posts, so that you can find them easily. I hope you all enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Was just reading the LD Paranormal Files By the Light of the Moon write up, don't know how I missed it! Very well written, like hearing first hand experiences, really glad I read it on a bright sunny Sunday morning, instead of late at night, although I may reread it on a night with a thunderstorm :)