Friday, October 23, 2009

Lost Destinations is not dead

10 years ago, a lost girl w a camera made a website about lost things. That website was Lost Destinations. Some of you remember the beginning, because you were there from the beginning. 10 years later, LD has been dormant for the past few years.... but LD is not dead... oh no... LD has only been slumbering, churning in it's silent grave and restlessly waiting for its time to crawl out into the world again...

That time is soon coming.

2007 was a helluva year. As most of you know, my little sister Haley was murdered that year, and the aftermath of that loss affected everyone who was close to Haley, including of course me. It was devastating. LD suffered a loss as well, as my sister was getting interested in becoming part of the website... but her death came before her LD debut. She was photographing things, and trying to build up a few stories & photo sets for LD. I can so remember she & I going out to supposedly haunted El Paso High in the middle of the night, walking around the entire school a few times while trying to get photos... giggling because we both got startled a few times by noises... I still have those photos, and have never had the heart to post them on LD. In fact I hadn't had the heart to do much of anything since 2007, other than mourn my sister and try to just get through the aftermath and the trial dates. Unfortunately, LD was one of those things that was set aside until things could settle.

Things now are not totally 'settled', as usual in mi vida loca things never really are, but it's at a point where I can start to extend myself to LD (and my other artistic pursuits) once again. I've got a lot of fantastic things to add to the site, plus more coming up... right now the LD redesign is running into an IE6 problem, which my tech guy is working on. As soon as that's conquered, LD will be up & running, and running down some very dark & spooky corners.

Til then, you facebook users can totally stay updated on the LD facebook fan page... I will of course be posting updates there, as well as trying to keep you guys entertained/informed/intrigued with a steady dose of the weird, creepy, abandoned & mysterious. Invite your LD-loving fans to the page! Also, feel free to post your own creepy photos in the fan photo albums, or post your spooky stories in the discussion forum... it's great when you guys get involved.

I hope you guys are enjoying the ride so far... seeya soon!


MadMonarchist said...

That is great to hear, I might have to take some snaps in preparation for the resurrection. I had thought about for a while, we have an old abandoned house, crumbling down, vultures roosting in the rafters, there's even a body buried in the backyard. It's perfect I'd think.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to getting lost with LD updates!!! :)

LD fan Termite

Anonymous said...

Can't wait! Your website is addicting.