Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that's the spirit: ghostly music videos

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you my favorite ghostly music videos...

Slipknot- Vermilion Part 1:

A beautiful, lonely ghost awakens to wander among us another day, tortured with her inability to touch humanity. Still, she wanders and watches the everyday world in frustration, complete with headbanging & hair-pulling, trying to reach out to the living...

Slipknot- Vermilion Part 2:
A companion video to the vid above (with a more melancholy rendering of the song), this is not your usual ghostly, this is a more unsettling, eerie Japanese-esque kind of ghostly, as the body of a beautiful dead (or is she undead?) girl is reanimated by unnatural breezes.

Oingo Boingo- Stay:

Oingo Boingo teams up with some ghostly waltzing spirits (and some midgets!) to play new wave cupid to a pair of 1940's lovers. Yes, it sounds crazy, and it is, in the best of ways. My fave part is at 3:06, when the little old lady sings to her little old man the line: "won't you stay with me one more day..." awww.

White Stripes- Blue Orchid:
I'd say that that is definitely a haunted house. I'm not sure whether ethereal tippytoe girl is a ghost, but I suspect she may be haunting the place after being trampled by a horse in the coolest video ending ever. Jack White looks like the illegitimate lovechild of Jack Sparrow and the devil. And Meg White dreamily bashing china with a demented smile is lovely too (and bonus points for creepy-cute baby!)

Rockwell- Somebody's Watching Me:
OK, Rockwell is living in one f'ed up house. He's got a blood-spraying shower, a veiled-in-black ghost lady spinny-dancing all over the place, a devil dog, a creepy-guy-in-diaper carrying a pig's head on a silver tray (wha?), an inexplicably half-under-the-bed woman, and of course, that no-good mailman. Oh, and somebody's watchin' him, AND he's got no privacy.

Tiger Army- Incorporeal:

In this video for a song about a ghost's lament, a departed spirit haunts his lost love, watching her every move like a sort of rockabilly Patrick Swayze without the sculpting wheel... sweet, ghostly, and retro romantic.

Michael Jackson- Ghosts:
MJ ripping off his face is a little umm, creepy, all things considered... but throw in the Disney-Haunted-Mansion-esque setting, some awesomely moldy, dusty old ghosts getting jiggy with it, and killer FX by the master Stan Winston, you've got a ghostly winna. The skull-busting move at the beginning is a nice touch. Here is an excerpt of the 30+ minute short film...

So, what are your favorite spooky videos?
Feel free to share in the comments!


Anonymous said...

It's not usually my kind of music, but I like the video for "Augen auf" by Oomph!:

redlight915 said...

now these are crazy badass videos

redlight915 said...

who else has checked out the vids come on i want to know wat u guys think i can see them again