Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am packing my bag for a day & night in the woods... not going camping or anything (lord no!)... I'm heading to the fresh, green, pineylicious mountains of New Mexico with my crazy auntie for the weekend. We are going to stay in a charming-ass little log-built motel that looks like it is out of the 50's (well I guess maybe it is), we're going to wander around and absorb all the foresty goodness and look out for deersies and squirrels and bears oh my, we're going to hit up a casino (my aunt is the gambler, not me), we're gonna have a nice meal together, and we're gonna watch the parade of bikers rev up and down the main street (there is a motorcycle run in Ruidoso this weekend), and we're just gonna converse and chill and relax and try to reboot our mental hard drives.

So I am off to the woods, the streams, the cold clean air. Hoping it will clear my head, calm my heart, and refresh my spirit. My spirit needs a good refreshing kick in the ass about now.
I'll take tons of pictures of course.
Here is one from the last time I was there to tide you over:


Hasta luego...

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Anonymous said...

A 50s motel ~wow! I hope you find the much wanted peace and refurbishment this weekend. Looking forward to hear your story.