Friday, May 23, 2008

bowl of cherries my ass

Excuse my angst today. The current scorecard of Life vs Shady is pretty craptacular for me in this current inning of the game:

My truck is broke down.
My bank account is totally, totally empty.
I cannot... for the life... of me... *unclenches teeth* get the website stuff I am tryin' to do to work!! *shakes fist at various kinds of confusing code*
My LD email is screwed up, and has been since the 17th, and still no satisfaction on that from my webhost *taps fingers impatiently on desk*
My depression symptoms are making me feel anxious and irritable.
Everyone is kinda sad and subdued thinking about Ron.
My housemate is quite grumpy today.
And I just saw Gavin Rossdale do the BORING-EST song on Ellen (why am I watching Ellen, again??) and it was a total letdown cause I thought he was gonna rock it out.

So, I am bitter and cantankerous right now. All I need is a cane and I'm a grumpy old man. I need a drink.

NOTE: like I said, my email addy is not working right now, so if you've been emailing me I am not ignoring you doods


Chris Brown said...

Hey, Heather. This comment really isn't about your current blog post, per se, but to say that I am pleased to hear you are doing well. I've been a fan of Lost Destinations for almost three years now and I am glad to know that you are still with us. You'll probably get more comments on your blog from me later.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Shades! Let's drink to the next inning to f-cking take the game to a turn to your advantage!