Monday, May 26, 2008


Sometimes, when you feel like the world is just out from under you, someone says just the right thing to make you feel safe again.

Strange that I come home, a bit drunk, to find the exact words that I needed to read waiting there for me. And from someone who could technically be termed a 'stranger'. Though in this case that description seems so ridiculous that it just does not apply.

Thank you, Randi. Just... thank you.

It's incredible to know that you have paid attention, that you understand, that you make a point to tell me so, and always in a way that makes me smile. I always look forward to reading anything you write me just for that very fact. And I'm not good with words right now, I'm drunk. But the things you say make me feel human again. If you are ready for a great big dose of Shady in your life, I'm ready to give it to you. Well as soon as I have email access again and can actually contact you :P

I heart you, Randi. Thank you for being there for me. And no I'm not just being all emotional because I am drunk. Haha.


Anonymous said...

So glad that Randi struck a perfect chord that resounds with your inner being. Hope you'll build a lasting friendship!

Anonymous said...

Well I by-god heart you too, Shady, my friend. :) That made me feel really, *really* good, cause I wanted to hug you, and couldn't, and it turns out I DID! I'm ready for the dose, sister. Bring all you can haul. And for the record, I'm posting anonymous, because I'm a technical chimp who cannot for the motherfucking life of me figure out how to log into my Google thingie. Dammit all to hayull. :) I lerve you, yo. Good things are going to happen. Juuuust wait. ~Randi, from the magical land where everyone's teeth are BEAUTIFUL