Sunday, May 4, 2014

my week in pictures

Ghosts tours, explorations, wanderings... this is some of the stuff I got myself into this week...

I hung out and helped out at the Ghosts915 Paranormal Research Center

I stopped to admire some beautiful architectural details in Downtown EPTX

Then I fantasized about the magical powers of this mesmerizing golden door

I had some awesome tacos for dinner at the legendary Good Luck Cafe (Est. early 1960's)


I encountered a lot of sandstorms and desert winds


I saw a spooky sunset in Socorro TX

I had some amazing homestyle food with friends at Sofia's Restaurant (a little Socorro gem on Glorietta Rd)

I went to the Golden Eagle Gallery in historic San Elizario TX (featuring over 40 local & regional artists)

 I hunted the ghosts of history in the Old County Jail during the San Elizario Ghost Tour


I was tempted by the opening in this vacant building in Downtown EPTX

I walked through the darkest part of the cemetery during the Concordia Cemetery Ghost Tour

I saw Annabelle's twin at the Bronco Swap Meet (a favorite place to explore on a Sunday-afternoon )

1 comment:

Martin said...

You were tempted by the empty building but did you have a peek?

Nice put some miles on your car lol.