Saturday, January 9, 2010


Full moon through pink blossoms, Dallas TX

Full moon through ferris wheel, Seaside Heights NJ (fist pump!)

Memorial flowers in Concordia Cemetery, El Paso TX

Hot pink roses, Riverside CA

Pink tombstone in Concordia Cemetery, El Paso TX

Abandoned hair salon, Howell NJ

Flowers & chains on tomb door, NJ

Sunset, Jackson NJ

Moravian Cemetery, Staten Island NY

Pink Turkish Gecko, El Paso TX

All photos copyright Heather Shade


Lila said...

gorgeous pics! i love the pink tombstone!!

redlight915 said...

great shots love it

Anonymous said...

Love the pink and black contrast of the Dallas and Seaside pictures.


Corpus Christie said...

I wish I had a tenth of your skill

Pandorah's Box said...

Wow. These are gorgeous!