Monday, January 25, 2010


Tree reflected in rain puddle, Jackson NJ

Sun reflected in waters at the edge of White Rock Lake, Dallas TX

Reflections at Lake Matawan, NJ

The haunted Lodge reflected in it's fish pond, Cloudcroft NM

Self portrait, El Paso TX

Heron in White Rock Lake, Dallas TX

Abandoned Peterson's restaurant, Lakewood NJ

Myself reflected among all the esoteric curio in Dave's Pawn Shop, El Paso TX

Trees reflect in window of abandoned house, NJ

Outside of abandoned Jamesway, Lakewood NJ

All photos copyright Heather Shade


redlight915 said...

The hair the hair oooh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love thes photos they make my heart go awwww

Organic Meatbag said... these photos...great work!

Corpus Christie said...


Anonymous said...

This set along with Dreaming and Mystery really make me notice details. Love the NJ and Southwest mix too! Got renewed interest in exploring.

LD fan

Pandorah's Box said...

These are lovely! Some haunting, which I love!