Friday, January 15, 2010


Sometimes a photo turns out to have an otherworldly, dreamlike feeling, and whether it happens by accident, or a happy mistake, it is always a nice surprise. Here are some photos I dug up which, for me, evoke that intangible feeling of dreaming...

Overgrown playground @ the abandoned school where I attended kindergarten

Drink under blacklight @ Mulligan's, El Paso TX

Empty swimming pool @ abandoned motel, NJ

Shadowy path to abandoned Admiral Farragat Academy, NJ

Pearlescent full moon at twilight, NJ

Empty window @ abandoned house, NJ

Armstrong Browning Library @ Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Sunset, El Paso TX

Nighttime tree in Gramma's back yard, El Paso TX

Sheets of spiderweb in abandoned mansion, NJ

All photos copyright Heather Shade


Pandorah's Box said...

Wow! Some of those don't look real. I love them. Beautiful Shady!

Corpus Christie said...

Lovely! The shadowy path one was my favourite- It looked more like a painting.

Dan Diehl said...

where is that abandoned pool and hotel? that looks so cool!

HFSK8 said...

please respond;; can you give the address of that abandonded pool, or as close to it as possible? Thanks