Wednesday, January 28, 2009

true sounds of liberty

This past Monday I got a real old skool punk rock treat- I got to see TSOL perform live right here in El Paso.

For those of you who remember True Sounds Of Liberty & the early 80's punk rock scene, it was just as good as you'd think it would be, and hella exciting to see them live in 2009. It was a total blast from my punk rock past. For those of you who don't remember them, they are a legendary Orange County punk band from way back. Here they are playing 'Darker My Love' in the cult classic movie Suburbia:

We lucked out & got to meet singer Jack Grisham after the show, which was such an OMG moment for me. He still looks fantastic- sexy as Hell (those eyes!!)- and he was so supernice! It always rocks when your music idols turn our to be legitimately cool people. The show was amazing, and it got me so fired up. Now if only Black Flag & the Dead Kennedys would come to town doh....

The look on my face there is totally such an 'omigod Jack Grisham is touching me' fangirl look! Heh heh.

EP's punkers showed up in full force and gave the love. It was awesome. All the bands said they loved the El Paso vibe and had a blast playing for our crowd, which makes mama proud!

Viva La True Sounds Of Liberty. Viva PUNK ROCK!

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Anonymous said...

I am cool by association because I know you. ....and I *love* that look on your face! Was there a low chortle being emitted in combination with that expression? Not so sure about the look on the other fan's face, though...(is that....140 lbs of douche?) ha! Glad you had fun, my sister from anothah ute! Lerve, Randi