Monday, March 2, 2009

artful dodger

After having one of the most blood-pressure-raising, hair-twisting, nail-biting stressful weeks I have had in recent memory, I decided to go into 'hiding' and submerge myself into a nice warm mental-bubbly-bath of all things art. I needed to strip it all down and reboot my life, and that is the best place to start. I've done nothing but draw, paint, draw... and it's been lovely.

I woke up yesterday feeling like I had somehow gotten my mojo back :D
I have been waiting for this.
Watch out, world.

Here is a portrait called Doll, which I did for my BFF dollface... it had been languishing unseen & unfinished on my desktop for months, and now, it is whole (and per usual, click the pic to see the much-superior large-sized version):

And a photo of the lady herself for comparison:

She loved it and I am glad. I have another one lined up for finishing tonight, I am determined to finish all of my unfinished babies. Art is saving my life right now.

As always, I am available for custom portraits, so contact me if interested. Ciao.


NePaul Wilson said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful and your tattoos are just perfect! Your body must be a walking canvas of majesty sort of speak, I'm a rising tattooist/artist myself and I can't wait to see more of your work in the future!

Manda Malice said...

WoW! Such GREAT work!

Miss Teaque said...

that's awesome!
ok, i'm sure you're tired of hearing that, but for real, it's so good!

Lobsel-Vith said...

I just came across your blog; and I have to say that you do truly amazing artwork. Very good job on that rendition of your friend - it's truly amazing.

Jenny said...

I like them. :) Great job on the linework too! That kinda thing is always a bit of a trick.

Dan Green said...

Hey there Shadester,,, :-)
Long time no see (slacko:-)

Anonymous said...

Miss the updates!! Hope all is well in Lost Destinations land!!